From these plaintiff attorney testimonials, you will begin to understand the game changing position attorneys now have to positively affect the outcome of settlement evaluations - in an environment where insurance companies have had the upper hand.

Listen to an excerpt from a prominent attorney who also is a CLE chair of a
4,000 member association

The first is from an attorney in Texas.
“I just wanted to call and thank you. I want you to know that I am a very successful lawyer, senior in the largest law firm in one of the largest cities in Texas. I have been doing this a long time. I don’t make many phone calls these days but I wanted to call you personally to thank you. Don’t get me wrong, life has been very good to me, but you just made it better. Even if it didn’t increase settlement value, your system has saved my firm so much time that I would pay you whatever you wanted. Thank you.”

Here's another:
"After several years and still no settlement agreement on three separate P.I. cases I was representing, I tried the system and resubmitted 3 new demands incorporating previously missing "Decision Points." Within 14 days of resubmission, the injury severity points added in my new demand translated into dollar amounts and the three cases settled out of court for; $55 thousand dollars, $86 thousand dollars and $92 thousand dollars respectively."

Here Is A Case scenario:
Three people were in the same vehicle during an accident and no settlement offer had been made after a lengthy period of time. I used the process and received a settlement offer of $50 thousand dollars. The other two claimants were still being denied settlement offers at that time.

Another attorney simply states:
With this system, you make every day feel like my birthday.

Emotions come into play with this attorney:
Wow, is all I can say. I can't wait each day to use these tools on all my new injury clients. I met with one client this week and he was very dejected about the impact this accident has had on his quality of life. I understand he had material preexisting conditions, but this accident has tremendously impacted his mental and physical well- being. Thank you very much for your help in this new system of representing the injured, and winning the "Greater Weight" of the evidence challenges to overcome the varying medical opinions and common litigation obstacles when there have been preexisting conditions and prior accidents. I have not previously experienced the system like this to rebut undervaluation's.

Another attorney reports a fair increase in:
I clearly attribute the $29 thousand dollar increase in settlement offer to the decision point information in your process..

Here’s another report of a sizeable settlement increase:
After an initial offer of $10 thousand, I used your system, produced a new demand based on your system then received a new settlement offer of $80 thousand which my client decided to accept.

This attorney prevailed in deposition;
The defense orthopedic surgeon was rather defenseless in deposition when confronted with the orderly presentation of the information that made it possible to establish the preponderance by independent medical validation of the medical decision points that were not previously contained within my initial demand.

Here’s another attorney reporting an increase in settlement offer:
After using your validation method, one offer went from $8 thousand to $86 thousand dollars out of court.

This attorney tried a case:
I decided to try the case and wanted to make a point about unfair settlements and claims practices. I realize that jurors can be hard to convince, however I was able to present the exhibits you gave me with the independent validation to explain about the new insurance “business process improvement” and that their “core claim process redesign” was ruled “harmful to public interest” by a supreme court, and the jurors found the presentation informative and extremely persuasive.

This attorney statement is amazing:
Not a penny was offered during the initial arbitration. Then after using the independent validation, an out of court settlement was reached at over $100 thousand dollars.

Here’s a heartwarming attorney report:
I really wanted to see my client receive a nice settlement. He was a young man with no parents and trying to put himself through college. The initial settlement offer was $8 thousand dollars. I thought that was good considering he was driving a large truck hit by a small car with no vehicle damage. But, I really wanted him to receive more money so I decided to try the validation system. After using the new demand approach including the Decision Points in the new demand, my client was offered $28 thousand dollars within 3 weeks which he gladly accepted.

Ever hear “No Damage to the Car equals No Injuries?
This attorney reported; The Rebuttal IMV contained the information I needed to prove soft tissue injuries meet serious injury thresholds even at low speeds with no vehicular damage which prevailed against a highly trained adversarial bio-mechanical expert who was also an MD.

This attorney says knowledge is power:
The material and independent medical validation is the best I have seen in 30 years of practice. Thanks again.

And this attorney reports getting the last laugh and he said:
I am extremely impressed by this analytic approach to re-presenting settlement demands. It is ‘genius’ using the insurance companies’ own acts against them.

"The insurer made a 24 thousand dollar increase in settlement offer after I submitted the independent Medical Validation to eliminate varying opinions and win the Great Weight challenge."

"After an initial low offer, I referred the case for Independent Medical Validation, submitted a new demand and received a 5 times increase over the initial settlement offer which my client accepted."

"The defense medical expert was defenseless in deposition when confronted with the results of the Independent Medical Validation. I was able to establish the presumptive (Great Weight) and eliminate the varying medical opinions. It proved an embarrassment to the defense."

"After ordering the Independent Medical Validation and resubmitting a demand, one low case settlement offer was increased ten fold and settled out of court."

"Most plaintiff injury attorneys face common challenges especially in low speed collisions with no vehicular property damage. The Independent Medical Validation contained the information (preponderance) I needed to meet proof of evidence that soft tissue injuries meet serious injury thresholds. "